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You are introduced to a 2 week detoxification program. This is primarily aimed at ridding your body of all of the toxins that have been built up inside, mostly due to the foods we eat. Often these toxins are a major barrier in the quest to burn fat, so following this part of the course is imperative to get the best results possible from the latter part of the course. During this 2 week phase,fat loss factor reviews your diet will consist of high amounts of fruit, vegetables and nuts. You will also be cutting out the consumption of the foods that are holding you back from shedding that unwanted fat. These foods include dairy products and red meat.

Following the initial 2 weeks, you will be introduced to the main part of the program. This is not just exercise and diet tips, it is a complete lifestyle overhaul. No detail has been missed here, you will get strategies on what to cook, how to shop, and of course the specific exercise programs that are aimed at getting rid of that excess fat. The exercise program itself is catered to everyone from beginner to expert, so nobody gets left behind. To use the word comprehensive would be an understatement, so there is absolutely no reason this can't work for any body type.


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